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Learned the hard way

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2 years ago I decided to try my hand at discus using my LFS guy as my guide. He said I'd have to do weekly water changes. I already did that in my 75 gal, so no problem there. My husband and I took a drive over to Miami and bought 5 discus from Abe Pagoda at Jack Watley's Discus. I had not discovered SD forum and all I can say now is that they are indeed a tough fish. 2 eventually succumbed to my ignorance.
At that point I think I visited this sites emergency room and read about water changes. I was dealing with a bad cloudy eye and my red Marlboro had a pimple. As soon as I started doing 3X a wk water changes. The pimple disappeared. We'd do a few more water changes, pat ourselves on the back and go back to our regular routine.
Two weeks later, I'd see the pimple again and we'd do frequent water changes again. I also had gravel and plants although not many because they died with the 86 degree temps.
Last November I bought 3 more discus at my LFS and due to the reoccurring "pimple" on my Red Marlboro, they have survived. Since then, my husband and I decided our fish needed a bigger tank and we set up a 125 gallon thinking we wouldn't have to do so many water changes. The tank cycled and I was ready to order new discus.
I found Kenny's site which directed me to this site and I had one aha moment after another. My fish came out of the 125 and back into the 75 gal minus the gravel. I have some plants on wood so my runt and 1/2 blind discus can hide from the bullies and I'm doing 50% water changes every other day.
I don't know if it's too late to get any growth out of my November purchases. 8 mos seems like a long time. My poor blue diamond is badly shaped and will probably die if I don't cull him. I have a hard time even thinking about that right now. I have peppering which I still don't understand if that is a health issue or asthetic issue.
I may return my fish to my LFS in a couple months and start from scratch with Kenny.
I currently have a sand and planted 125 gal tank with a double overflow, Refugium, miracle mud, and matrix biological media, and a couple pieces of wood.
In retrospect, I'm glad in a way that I didn't know or I probably wouldn't have started with discus. My husband who tolerated my hobby I has really been taken with these fish. The 125 gal was HIS idea!
With the python we can do a water change in 12 minutes on the 75, not bad. I've learned so much on this site and look forward to my new chapter of successful thriving discus keeping.
I supported this eye opening forum by buying food, joining as a member and buying a t- shirt and a zippered hoodie. My way of saying thanks for saving me $450.00 plus shipping and handling.
I don't know if anyone reads these, but just in case, Thank you, thank you, thank you! A special thanks to Kenny who made me land here in the first place. Now I'll try to take and load some pics.