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Second Hand Pat

Black Jack's Story, The tale of a Scalawag: Part One

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Several summers ago my daughter Diana and her trainer Jane decided to go on a trail ride in the neighborhood. It was early summer and the weather was getting hot as summers tend to get in Florida.

They were having a grand old time talking, the horses were quiet and one of them noticed something black under a pine tree. They walked the horses over to investigate and it was a young crow, feathered but just out of the nest. The crow was sitting in the sun and panting quite heavy.

Diana hopped down and placed the bird in the shade. Neither Diana or Jane had water so they rushed back to the barn, untacked the horses and hopped in Jane’s truck to rescue the crow. They found it still sitting in the same spot, picked it up and took it back to the barn where Diana was able to give it water and cool it down. After all, those black feathers get hot.

I arrived to pick Diana up from the barn and was told about the crow. I went and took a look, pitiful little thing. I asked what they are feeding it, “nothing” was the answer. I suggested moisten cat food since I had raised some crows as a kid. I also asked what Jane was going to do with it. I sort of fancied raising another crow.

One of Jane’s other students Tiffany saw the crow and wanted to take it home. She called her parents and asked if she could bring it home, they said yes and the crow went home with Tiffany.


  1. Chad Hughes's Avatar
    Great little story Pat!
  2. Second Hand Pat's Avatar
    Thanks Chad, there are actually several parts to this story.
  3. cooksa's Avatar
    I honestly can't wait to read the other parts to this story!
  4. Second Hand Pat's Avatar
    I posted part two as a new blog.