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Well I am really Thrilled right now.. new projects here at Simply!

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We always try to be proactive here at SimplyDiscus and try to come up with new things or improve existing things. For years now we have had a small group of supporters for this great website... and I have wanted to have something I could give back to these people that go above and beyond to support the forum.

We finally have a system in place now for that.....we have added Premium Memberships that come jam packed with addition perks and benefits for those that sign up. You support SimplyDiscus when you do, and in return...we give you back benefits and perks above that which our free members get.

Please read about it here...

Please also note that in no way have we diminished our free membership .. People are still free to use the forum as they always have. We have never charged for that and have no intention of doing so. You can still share you discus adventures, get help in the disease board, find great sellers of discus, engage in awesome conversations about discus and our hobby. All that stays the same.

Its just our way of saying Thank you to those members that have helped bring this forum to all of you.

Best Regards and Happy Discus Keeping Everyone!


Updated 03-03-2013 at 05:06 PM by brewmaster15