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Second Hand Pat

Springtime in Florida

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While driving down the driveway towards the house a hawk took off from the fence. When this happens it is usually a sign that spring is around the corner as we have hawks which fly down to Florida for nesting season. A pair of copper hawks has graced a tree behind the barn with a nest several summers in a row raising up to four baby hawks.

Copper hawks have their own distinctive call and this is usually the first indication I have that they are in the area. I will hear them for several weeks then all goes quiet. When this happens they have gone to nest. While sitting on eggs and while the babies are helpless the parents remain quiet. I will observe them carrying small prey and snakes and if I watch carefully I can generally find the nest. Once the babies start to sport feathers they start getting noisy and this is when the fun starts as they will begin to fly soon.

In order to learn to fly the babies have to leave the nest and soon there are baby hawks flying everywhere. Following the parents around begging for food. Learning how to make their calls. I will find them sitting on the fence up to six in a row. I will be riding Khayel and there are hawks flying, dipping, following each other and seem to be having a merry old time. This will go on all summer long.

Then one day all is quiet. All the hawks have disappeared. Where did they go? It is so quiet outside and I so miss the noisy, fun loving babies. About six weeks will go by and the yard is filled with hawk calls again and for a few days it is like they did not leave then all quiet again. Fall is here and the hawks have returned to the north, not to return until spring comes again.


  1. Second Hand Pat's Avatar
    Here is what the copper hawk sound like if there is any interest.