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Thread: New "toy", anyone else into guns?

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    Default Re: New "toy", anyone else into guns?

    Been a while, just added a new one to the collection. Very very spur of the moment. Got the announcement that the CMP had a limited number (roughly 2000) of M1 Carbines available about 2 days before they went on sale. Got my order in with the other 5000+ they received and from there it was a pure lottery drawing from the mail bins. Had to wait 1.5-2 months but I was one of the lucky winners and received an outstanding Carbine visually and mechanically. These things are hard to come by in any original type condition these days, if you have them you usually hold onto them. Unlike a new car the price increases as soon as you purchase it, compared to market value I got an amazing deal on's why I love the CMP.

    This is why I have to be set back buying any new camera equipment or aquarium goods. Didn't even know If I'd get this one so I had a few hundred bucks tied up in limbo for months and then poof they're gone lol. Thankfully my tax return covered it.

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    Default Re: New "toy", anyone else into guns?

    Beautiful Matt. I hate tied up funds, but love what they purchase in the end haha

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