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Thread: Important!! Using My Photos

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    Exclamation Important!! Using My Photos

    Hello All,

    Lately I've had numerous people message me about people using or sharing my photos on Facebook. After exploring, the sheer amount of times they've been shared is insane. Thus, I have almost given up on trying to stop it. Given social media these days, I won't win. However, I do have conditions in which I will fight it. Firstly, my copyright should ALWAYS be displayed. I'm working to come up with a larger one that is harder to remove and can direct them to me personally easier. Secondly my photos shall NEVER be used for commercial purposes unless I've given my permission or they have been purchased. If you see them being used commercially, please message me. I'd rather double check then it go un-investigated. Otherwise as long as the copyright is displayed and people are just sharing it because the discus/and photos look good (ok shameless plug LOL) then I don't have a real problem with it.

    Again, thank you all that have messaged me about it.

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    Default Re: Important!! Using My Photos

    Too bad that is happening Matt. As you say, social media is a ***** when it comes to issues like this. I would love to display some of your beautiful photos, but only with your permission.

    I hope you can get it under control. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Important!! Using My Photos

    Matt, I know how you feel. I have already taken a few people to task over this. In fairness to FB one of my images was being used as someone's logo in what looked to be a commercial operation, I lodged a complaint using their procedures and the image was removed. I had written to the people concerned too, just asking them to credit me with the photo - not for money - and they were too dumb to do so or acknowledge my communication. I now make it a point to go after any commercial operation that uses my images without permission as in 99% of times they know exactly what they are doing and it is just cynical.

    Have a read of this it may help.
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    Default Re: Important!! Using My Photos

    It is all your fault, if you were not taking amazing pics none of this would have happened

    Copyright is a big issue these days. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Important!! Using My Photos

    Hey Matt

    A photo of one of your wilds is my wallpaper! I guess that does not count.

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