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Anybody here in the Montreal area? Theres a very very good likihood I will taking a few days drive there with my family.. We finally got all our passports and its so close we thought we'd make it our first Canada trip as a family. Last time I was in Canada was 21 years ago.Now that we have passports we plan on making more trips to Canada. This trip will be a few days in old montreal. It looks like a perfect place to explore and photograph.

Hi Al, Sorry for not replying sooner, but I've been disconected with a recent death in the familly.

I work close to old Montreal. My word of advice, once in the city leave the car at the hotel. the constructions is terrible, lots of detours, plus if you intend on visting Old montreal walking makes a lot more sense... Lots of museums, great restaurants and very pedestrian friendly, plus the weather this year is simply incredible, hot and sunny. Language wont be an issue as the city is mostly bilingual..plus old montreal being a tourist area makes it more English than some other part of the Island ;-)