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Thread: YouTube How to and FAQ

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    Default YouTube How to and FAQ

    This is a guide on using YouTube to upload your videos and including the videos in your posts.

    Q: How do I create a YouTube account?
    A: In order to create a YouTube account go to the YouTube website. Click on the blue "Sign in" box located on the upper right corner of the browser window. Here you may sign in if you have an existing YouTube account or create a new account by clicking on the Red "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT" box located on the upper right corner of the browser window. YouTube will guide you through the creation of your account.

    Q: How do I upload a video?
    A: Once you are signed into your YouTube account you may now upload a video from your computer. Click on the "Upload" box located in the upper middle of your browser window then Click on the red arrow "Select Files to upload" box. A "Open" dialog will appear and allow you to navigate to the video you wish to upload. Once you have located the video you wish to update either click on it twice or click on it once and click the "Open" button on the open dialog. This will begin the upload process. YouTube will show a grey box with a blue progress bar and the time needed to update the video. Upload times are based on the size of the video. Once the update is complete the blue progress bar disappears and is replaced with a upload complete message and the link to the video which may be used to include in your post.

    Q: How do I include the video in a post?
    A: Copy the link of the video just updated or use YouTube's "Video Manager" (White box in upper right corner of your browser window) to locate your video. If you used the Video Manager right click on the video you wish to use and select "Copy link address" to copy the link. The link will look something like this In the post you wish to include the video there is a filmstrip icon located on the right side above the area where you type your post. If you mouse over the icon it will say "Insert video". Click on this icon and a popup window appears allowing you to paste the video link into your post.
    You will see [video=youtube;n7Il8QEwXak][/video] appear in the post. Now click on "Post Quick Reply" and enjoy your video.

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    Default Re: YouTube How to and FAQ

    Thanks Pat!

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    Default Re: YouTube How to and FAQ

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