Hi all,

We are a couple of months into our premium membership program and hope all are enjoying their premium membership perks including the discounts offered by many of our sponsors. Many thanks to our new premium members, those who have upgraded their membership and those who became premium members at the onset of the program.

I need to remind our premium members that when they take advantage of our sponsor discounts that there are a few requirements which need to be met. Premium members need to identify themselves as premium members, their member level, and inquiry as to the sponsorís current discounts and conditions. This needs to be done when placing an order. This should happen whether the order is placed via PM, email or off the sponsorís website. If the order is placed via email or website the premium members should PM the sponsor with their email address or other identifying information so the sponsor can easily match a premium memberís username to an email address or other identifying information at or before placing an order.

We need to make this is easy as possible for our sponsors since the discounts are offered as a courtesy and sponsors are free to withdraw the discounts at any time. Also asking for the discount after an order has been finalized is really not fair to the sponsor and goes against the conditions Al laid out for this program.

Please PM me with any questions or comments,
Thanks all,