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Thread: Why dont discus keepers do automatic water changes more often?

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    Default Re: Why dont discus keepers do automatic water changes more often?

    Quote Originally Posted by RDFISHGUY View Post
    Ok I finally moved and got my discus into the 2 x 280 gallon set up. This set up has a 90 gallon sump with filter floss in the first section. This gets changed every 2-3 days. Under that is a K1 media box. Next is a sponge filter section then the pump. From the pump it flows through an Ultima 2 2000 gallon rated filter, then through a UV sterilizer, through a manifold back to the tanks. Pump is rated for 4000 gph. Water drips into the sump tank at a rate of 100 gallons per day. Its been running since July 15. My discus seem to be loving it. All of a sudden they are developing trailers on their dorsal fins and growing like crazy. I had to go to work before I got the chance to take pictures but I will get them when I am home next.

    I am really digging the new set up except for the fact that I had to move the tanks into an "L" shape.

    In one 280 gallon I have 16 discus, 1royal panaque and 2 bristlenose plecos. The other 280 gallon tank has a PNT, super red arowana, 9 large clown loaches, 2 large sunshine plecos and 1 large sailfin pleco.
    The best part is that I don't age any water and don't treat any water for chlorine or chloramines even though I'm on city water. That's right none whatsoever.
    I have a whole home water filtration system so I just turn on the tap and let the water run straight into the sump. There is an overflow that goes into a floor drain so no float switches or pumps required. I had the same set-up in the old house for 2 years. Only problem I experienced in that time was leaving the water running and overfilling the 230 gallon discus tank that wasn't part of the system.

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    Default Re: Why dont discus keepers do automatic water changes more often?

    This has been a interesting and fun thread.... I laughed many times.

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