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Thread: The Forum's Position on Discus in Planted Tanks....

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    Default Re: The Forum's Position on Discus in Planted Tanks....

    Quote Originally Posted by LoGeek View Post
    How anyone can say that a bare bottom or hardscape tank looks better than a planted tank with discus is beyond me. I know nothing more beautiful than healthy discus in a planted scape! The fact that it's one of the hardest things to keep and maintain is another subject...
    I completely agree with you on the looks of the planted discus tank Jorgen . Nothing can beat a good planted setup with a fullgrown quality discus in it.

    One of the most important aspects or should i say drawbacks or succesfull discus keeping under theese conditions IMO is to way under stock your tank .
    Whenever I see a succesfull story of a fully planted tank with discus in it and it runs without problems for a longer period its almost always stocked with 1 discus per 20-30 gallons or maybe even less , like in this case here .
    So its a compromise that we have to deal with .
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