I'm into Bielefelders these days. They are bred to do well in a free range setting and are they ever. My guys won't roost in the nice chicken house I built for them. They roost in a tree. They even taught my single Lavender Oprington pullet to roost in a tree!!!

I'm very pleased with the Bielefelders, but they are still considered to be a rare breed in this country. Rare breeds, especially those that breed true, sometimes come with genetic problems. In this case it's tail conformation. Out of 16 5 month old Bielefelder pullets I have just 1 with a perfect tail. My worst tail is a pullet with a down tail. Of all the nice things I could be watching when I go out to give the girls their daily treat of scratch and meal worms all I can focus on are tails. Normal people would never even notice the faults or if they did notice, they wouldn't think it was a big deal. Something is screwy in my head.