Hello All,
Every once and a while I need to post something like this to remind members exactly what SimplyDiscus is and what it is intended to do and what is expected in order for you to use it. I feel the need to do so again now as the last few months I have seen behaviors that I do not like,and do not want to see on this forum, my forum, my home.

The forum's purpose is to give hobbyists a place to talk about discus, discus care and breeding, and the hobby.Its meant to be a welcoming place for novices and experts alike where the exchange of information takes place. Its is given freely to you for that purpose and has been that way for ages.In return I ask that members follow the rules that I have established here. The rules are agreed to by members the moment you start posting here and are clearly posted....http://forum.simplydiscus.com/misc.php?do=vsarules
Most of the time members follow them, should you chose not to, there are consequences depending on the issues that staff here use at our discretion. SimplyDiscus is an actively moderated forum. If you have a problem with the forum rules, the solution is easy..Leave.The community here will not miss you long. Apologies if that sounds harsh, but this forum is my passion, my property, and my business. I may allow members free use of it, but that does not mean that members are free to abuse it, or disrespect it through their posts. If that is an issue for you, its a bitter pill you need to take and get over with if you want to participate on SimplyDiscus. Many people like to justify their actions here based on their particular point of view,personal beliefs, or convictions even when its against forum rules...that may be a great way to live your life, but don't force it down the throats of others here that have their own particular point of view,personal beliefs, or convictions.

This doesn't mean that people can't disgree, debate....or argue. It means that when you do so, keep it professional and polite. Debates and energetic discussions fuel forums. I'm all for an energetic debates, but be real people...Disagreeing isn't the end of the world. I've been keeping Discus over 20 years now...I can honestly say that I disagree with probably 90% of what I hear and read about them by various sources. There are days I log in here and really wish I brought my hip waders as the BS is that deep. Sometimes a good debate can change the way you do things, sometimes it changes the way others do...but few here appreciate a debate that gets personal and abusive.... and I personally do not .

People also need to get a thicker skin, if someone says something you find offensive or don't like, who really cares what that person thinks?...walk away , why give them legitimacy by arguing. Add them to your ignore list in your control panel and you won't be able to see anything they post. Sometimes its really staggering to me the amount of energy someone wastes trying to argue a point as stupid as the amount of water changes a tank should have....or whether a fish is a cull, showfish grade, grade A,AA, AAA, 6"7" 8" etc. Sometimes its best to state your viewpoint and move on to a more interesting topic.

What I expect as this forum's owner is not asking too much for what you get in return.
1) I am asking that all members act in a Civil,Polite, and Mature fashion. Treat each other with respect even when you disagree.Call it being politically correct,, what ever, or call it just being polite and mature as I do....its expected here. Period.
2) Do not stalk... that means going from thread to thread and targeting someone you have an issue with....its childish,harassing, and against forum rules.
3) Do not troll(for info on this read here...
http://mobile.osnews.com/story.php/2...w_to_Stop_Them or just search the internet...its a growing problem.) Do not feed the trolls, ignore them. You have the ability in your control panel to add any member to your ignore list. If you need help, ask a moderator how. Use the report feature as well for posts and threads.
4) Don't get sucked into stupid arguments and Bs threads...it just makes it worse. Take the high road when ever possible.
5) Follow the instructions and warnings of Moderators and Admins here...This is absolute. You can file a complaint in private with me, but I expect people to abide by the guidance of moderation staff here.
6) Follow all posted rules ... again here...http://forum.simplydiscus.com/misc.php?do=vsarules
7) The forum is not your personal playground. It is a community with diverse personalities and it has a global following.It also is a family forum..I value family more than anything and insist that SimplyDiscus function as a family safe resource.
8)Vigilantes are not needed or desired here...we have a moderator staff here that can deal with issues... use the report feature and we will look into the issue.

Is that so much to ask? If it is, again, please feel free to leave the forum. I have no patience for dealing with members that do not appreciate or respect this forum and its community, and I honestly don't care who you are if you can't abide by my rules. Respect is reciprocal. I don't appreciate people that disrupt SimplyDiscus, it makes the forum less enjoyable, it changes the tone here, and it makes more work for me dealing with the issues.

There is a saying among owners of Internet Forums. Our forum is Our Home. We invite you into it out of our kindness, generosity, and hospitality.We offer you the use of it, but we expect that you respect the house rules, act in civil fashion, not trash the place, that you clean up after yourselves, and respect the owner.

If any of what I wrote here strikes a cord with you, please consider it a gentle reminder. Most members here are not a problem, some are occasionally ones usually when they are been drinking or dealing with stressful issues at home or work and their tolerance levels have gone down. Think about what you wrote and how it will come across to a stranger. Think about how it will be interpreted and if it seems too harsh or questionable... walk away and don't post it. I've written some posts and walked way for days before posting them and usually I have revised them greatly in that time.

Bottom line is I want everyone here to enjoy themselves, not just a select few vocal ones. Over the years I have found that though I can't please everyone, I can make the most numbers happy with the rules and systems I and the team here have established. It works for us here at SimplyDiscus and these are my house rules. Please do come in, please do enjoy the hospitality and all it has to offer, but be respectful and mindful that you are all always guests in my home.Please act like it.

Thank You,
Al Sabetta
Owner -SimplyDiscus Forums