The Critique Corner is a place for people to post photos for an honest, unbiased critique of photos you have taken and receive tips and tricks to aid in producing nicer shots. Replies to posts have been disabled to minimize conversation. The object of the Critique Corner is not for chit-chat, but to learn about aquarium photography. The focus of the critique and tips provided will be limited to the quality of the photo and techniques used to take it only, and will not touch on quality of the fish, tanks, etc in any way. Those items can be directed to the appropriate areas of the forum, as the goal here is to provide a means to improve upon photography skills. You are allowed to use ANY type of camera, dslr, point and shoot, mobile, etc.

You may submit photos by creating a thread in this section and posting the photo there. Please keep it limited to one photo per submission and include the exif data:

Camera body/point and shoot/mobile phone:
Lens used:
Shutter Speed:
Flashed used?:

If you are unsure how or where to get this data, please refer to the following: How to obtain EXIF data, or if you are unsure how to post a picture, please refer to the following How to upload photos using Flickr // How to upload photos using Photobucket // How to upload photos using Imageshack
Lastly, you may only submit photos that you have taken yourself.