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Thread: Photographic Abbreviations and Glossary

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    Default Photographic Abbreviations and Glossary

    OK, here is a list I nicked off another forum ... it's ok, they nicked it off the web I'm sure there are many more, have a look through and add if you feel the urge

    The List...


    A-DEP - Automatic Depth of Field

    AE - Automatic Exposure

    AEB - Auto-Exposure Bracketing

    AF - Auto Focus.

    AF-S or AFS - Nikon term for lenses that have inbuilt auto focus motors

    A (Nikon) -Aperture Priority
    AV (Canon) - Aperture Priority

    AS - Antishake. (Also known as VR {Nikon}, IS {Canon}, VC {Tamron}, OS {Sigma})


    Bokeh - how the lens renders the out of focus parts of the image.

    BMP - Windows bitmap

    BTL - Behind the Lens

    B&W - Black and White


    CCD - Charged Coupled Device an older sensor technology

    CHDK - Canon Hackers Development Kit. Click here for a detailed explanation.

    Colour Depth - The range or amounts of colour that can be or is recorded

    CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor a newer sensor technology

    CMS - Colour Management System

    CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

    CWB - Custom White Balance.


    DI - Digital Imaging

    DOF - Depth of Field.

    DP - Digital Photography or in filmmaking Director of Photography

    DPI - Dots per Inch.

    DPOF - Digital Print Order Format

    DR or Dynamic Range - The number of EV stops between the brightest and darkest part of a scene or image

    D-SLR or DSLR - Digital Single Lens Reflex

    DZ - Digital Zoom.


    EC - Exposure Compensation

    ETTR - expose to the right

    E-TTL -Evaluative Through The Lens

    EV - Exposure Value

    EVF - Electronic Viewfinder

    EXIF - Exchangeable Image File Format.


    FEB - Flash Exposure Bracketing

    FEC - Flash Exposure Compensation

    FEL - Flash Exposure Lock

    FF - Full Frame

    FFS - When things go wrong

    FOV - Field Of View

    FPS - Frames per Second

    FX - Nikons term for full frame


    GB - Gigabyte

    GIF - Graphics Interchange Format.


    HDR - High Dynamic Range

    HSS - High Speed Sync


    IBIS - In body image stabalization

    IF - Internal Focusing

    IR - Infrared

    IS - Image Stabilization (Canon specific technology when used in describing a lens)

    ISO - International Standards Organization.

    IQ - Image Quality


    JPEG or JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group.


    KB - Kilobyte - 1024 of these go into 1mb


    LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

    LED - Light Emitting Diode

    LTE - Long Time Exposure


    M - Manual

    MB - Megabyte

    MF - Manual Focus

    MLU - Mirror Lock-up

    MMC - MultiMedia Card.

    MP - Megapixels.

    MS - Memory Stick (aka a USB key)


    ND Filters - Neutral Density Filters (see also Graduated ND Filters)

    NR - Noise Reduction

    NS@W - Not Safe @ Work (Also NSFW = Not Safe For Work)


    OCF - Off Camera Flash

    OCR - Optical Character Recognition.

    OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

    OOC - Out of Camera (sometimes referred to as SOOC, i.e. straight out of camera)

    OOF - Out of Focus

    OTF - Off the Film

    OVF - Optical Viewfinder

    OZ - Optical Zoom.


    P - Programmed auto-exposure (NOT Professional mode as some seem to think )

    PIC - Picture

    PICS - Pictures

    PIXEL(S) - Picture Element - i.e the smallest addressable element of an image

    PJ - Photojournalism or Photojournalist

    PNG - Portable Network Graphics. Click here to learn more about this image file format.

    PP - Post Processing

    PPA - Professional Photographers of America

    PPI - Pixels per Inch. Click here to learn more.

    PQ - Picture Quality

    PS - (Adobe) Photoshop

    PSE - Photoshop Elements

    PSP - Paintshop Pro.




    SD - Secure Digital: a memory card format for your digital camera.

    SDHC- Secure Digital High Capacity. A high capacity form of SD

    SLR - Single Lens Reflex: the same thing as a D-SLR, only referring to film cameras.

    SOOC - Straight Out of Camera (also see OOC).

    SP - Shutter Priority. (Just S in Nikon speak and referred to as TV in Canon speak)

    SS - Shutter Speed.

    Strobe - a studio type flash

    'SWMBO' - She Who Must Be Obeyed, i.e the boss


    Tb - Terabyte - 1024 gb

    TFP - Time For Prints, often a trade for the time of a model who get prints in return

    TFCD - Time For CD, as above but instead of prints the images are burned to CD

    TIFF or TIF - Tagged Image File Format.

    TTL - Through-the-lens

    TV - Time Value (Canon speak for shutter priority)


    USB - Universal Serial Bus

    USM - Unsharp Mask, also means Ultrasonic Motor

    UWA - Ultra Wide Angle


    VR - Vibration Reduction. Nikon specific vibration control


    WA - Wide Angle

    WB - White Balance.

    WS - Watt-Second, a way of describing flash or strobe power

    WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get


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