Hi all,

There are things that I frown on immensely when it comes to thread topics here on SimplyDiscus. One of these are threads that seek to pit one sponsor against another. WE have many sponsors here that sell similar fish, food and products. All the sponsors on this forum strive to provide the best product, best service and prices they can to the forum membership. That is one reason why they are sponsors. In general even though may be competitors they try to deal with each other in a respectful and professional manner. Many of these sponsors have a long history and are friends.

Its not acceptable for members to try and pit one sponsor against another. Doing so will lead to a closed or removed thread. Members here are encouraged to leave feedback via our I-trader software and in the livestock/product review boards. This feedback should be given based only on personal experiences with service and orders . It should also be based on something you can document and prove. Please remember that sponsors are humans and make mistakes, but they will try and remedy an issue when it happens if you try and work it out with them.

Stalking sponsors is not allowed and harassing them across threads is prohibited, just as harassing any member is.

You are encouraged to read feedback left for sponsors, to share your experiences from your sponsor transactions. But don't ask a subjective question like "who sells the Best Discus" or "who sells the best fishfood". Theres nothing wrong with posting something like, Hey I am considering buy this sellers fish, would like feedback from those that have gotten fish from them.. In cases like this, its appreciated that members not try and an hijack the thread for their favorites seller. Ex.. if someone posts >>hey I am looking for feedback on "acme" discus, don't say "Superior" discus is better or the best. Also Don't ask things like ... Hey out of X,Y and Z sellers who has the best fish? That kind of question has no place on SD. Everyone has their favorite to deal with. Those questions are subjective at best. but really are meaningless.

If you have any doubts about a seller.. try talking with them first... not email,text or pm.. but a good old fashion phone call. It can make a world of a difference.

Thank You,