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Thread: Automatic payments canceled...

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    Default Automatic payments canceled...

    Hello all,

    I have found a way to cancel all automatic payments for Premium Subscription holders.. This includes sponsors, homesteaders, platinum,silver,gold members. You will not be automatically billed and your paypal accounts charged any more. Instead the system will remind you one week before your subscription expires and you will have the choice of renewing or not.

    I have had too many instances of members that did not want to renew getting charged and then I have to go back and refund. I have even had members that have filed a claim with paypal instead of just contacting me for a refund. The old method was easier for those that intended to renew regularly, but not fair to those that did not intend to .

    The new method of renewal puts the responsibility on the member, and gives them full control over when and if they want to renew. It also means far less work and headaches for me.

    Thanks everyone,

    Ps.. This only affects members that belong to the Premium Subscription groups.. This includes sponsors, homesteaders, platinum,silver,gold members. Registered members are unaffected.
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