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Thread: Lighting setups

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    On the subject of lighting, I really like systems where you can control the duration, intensity and hue of the light.
    TC420 controllers work really well and are inexpensive (you can get them for about $20 from China or about $30 on Amazon). The issue I have is finding quality waterproof LED bars to use with it. I use the only sort I can find ready made that is kind of made on the cheap, 1 meter sealed aluminum bars with 7020 12v diodes for cold white (6000k) and warm white (3000k) and even lesser quality RGB bars with 5050 diodes. For a discus tank or even a reasinably ambitious low tech tank they do good enough a job, it would be nice though to be able to purchase similar individual type of LED bars, just better quality: better diodes (cree, philips, epistar) even of the newer Chip On Board type.
    Anyone come across any?
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