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Thread: Where art thou?

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    Default Where art thou?

    Sooo, been a while since I've been hanging around here to do anything more than donate to this incredible labor of love here at Simply. So what's up? What gives? Where have I been...

    I've spent a little over 12 years as the Chief Information Officer of a small but fairly well known New England College. Having previously worked at the United States Military Academy, West Point for about 4 and 1/2 years and prior to that an additional 2 years in graduate school at the University of Maryland Baltimore County - all told that adds up to just shy of 20 years in higher education. So I started a PhD program in Information Systems about a year and 1/2 ago and that pretty much eats up all my time these days. Reading, writing, researching - I have little time for anything else. I should be finished with the required course work by the end of this summer and then it's on to dissertation. I'm looking at another one and half to two more years in dissertation.

    Last summer, the last of my discus passed on due to old age or my killing them and I packed up all the equipment and store it in the basement. I'm waiting patiently until I have time to properly care for them again and then I'm going to drive to Baltimore and pick up some fish from Hans.

    So - I'm on every now and then but that's the story. Miss you guys and I definitely miss the discus!


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    Default Re: Where art thou?

    Adam! Whats taking so long? By now you should be so used to higher education that a pHD should be a breeze! Lol. Hurry up and finish that pHD! We can have a discus meeting /celebration in your honor! Cigars on me..

    Apreciate all your support my friend and look forward to your next discus !

    Happy Holidays to you and your family. Say Hi to Mary for me!

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    Default Re: Where art thou?

    Great to hear from you Adam. I hope your dissertation flies by quickly

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    Default Re: Where art thou?

    Congrats on all your success in the world of higher education. I live in Manchester and new to the hobby. Just wanted to say hi! We are starting a academically focused preschool in Boston. not in the same relm as what you are doing, but in the field of education. We will need some IT at some point I feel. All the best!

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