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Thread: A few wilds from John

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    I don't really have any plans for them. I just wanted a few wilds to play with and I try to go for unusual or unique. I've never seen a Cuipeua with a blue face but for all I know it's not considered desirable in wilds. In the last few years there have been really interesting examples of anomalies in wild fish -- a "snakeskin" type, a "bulldog" type, one claimed as a wild albino, one claimed as a solid black discus, etc. So unusual fish are out there. I guess I lucked out when I found this one at John's. It did remind me of the blue faced San Merah which I love, so I knew I wanted it.

    I do have a handful of domestics around and obviously with Ricky supplying me I could try crosses with any of his strains, so it may be a fun thing to play with if it were to happen. As it stands, I don't have any intentions of starting a breeding program. I just got them to enjoy them at home.


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    Cool Ryan. Sounds like you have many options at your fingertips but plan to just enjoy and see what happens.

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