Hi all,
After very careful consideration I have decided to change the Forum's structure and posting permissions. I have resisted this for many years, but I think its time. The first major change is to the Market Place. The following boards are affected.

Hobbyists Breeders Fry for Sale
Buy,Sell, and Trade
Hey I am looking for

In order to start a thread in these sections you will have to be a Premium Member. It does not matter what level. Details on this program are here.http://forum.simplydiscus.com/showthread.php?104050
Basically at the Lowest Level for starting a thread here will cost you $25.00.
If you are currently a Silver, Gold,Homesteader, or Platinum Level member it will not affect you as you will have access to posting in these sections automatically as a Thank you for your financial support. Sponsors,Admin, and Moderators are also automatically granted access.

This kind of system is used on many forums.

To make the transition to this system go more smoothly we will be locking all threads in these sections that are currently open unless the original poster is a Premium Membership Holder. Locked threads can be re-opened for registered members that make the transition to a Premium Account by contacting a moderator.

To Re-Cap: This change only affects the following Boards:

Hobbyists Breeders Fry for Sale
Buy,Sell, and Trade
Hey I am looking for

I am looking at other changes as well but for now, we will start with this. These changes will go into effect Immediately.

Again, you will need to be a Premium Member to start threads in the above referenced boards. Registered Members ( Non Premium Accounts) will still be able to read these sections and will be able to post to existing threads. I'm sorry to have to make these changes and other ones to come, but its in the Forum's long term best interests.

Even if you do not plan on using these sections, please consider supporting the community here by signing up as a Premium Member

Thank You,
Al Sabetta
SimplyDiscus LLC Owner