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Thread: Exciting news! Its Auction Time again! Uncle Sam's Discus!

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    Default Exciting news! Its Auction Time again! Uncle Sam's Discus!

    Hello all,
    I had reached out the sponsors here to see if any could do auctions for us to help us celebrate our 15 year Birthday as a forum.. We recently had several great auctions from Kenny's Discus and Discus Forrest ( Thanks again Guys!) . WE now are very pleased to have several auctions that will start today for fish generously donated by Uncle Sam's Discus. Darwin has donated to us a group of 9 discus that we will split into 3 auction Groups. He will also be including shipping on these to points in the USA. Our sincere gratitude to Uncle Sam's Discus for these great fish.

    The auction link links are below. Bids should be placed in the auction thread.

    Teaser Video here.....

    Links to the auction threads

    The "Natural Pack"

    The "Red Pack"

    The "Paint Bucket Pack"

    Thank you and Good Luck!!

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