first time this pair has laid eggs together, these pictures were taken minutes after laying yesterday evening.. when I woke up this morning they were still there, its still been less than 24 hours.

right now they are in a community tank with 4 other discus and some tetra and corycats.

I'm fairly new at discus, I don't really have another set up to raise the fry but I have an extra ten gallon tank somewhere I could possibly use in the future.. unless that's to small... from what ive read, it'll take the pair a few times to get it right... I suspect they'll eat the eggs soon

anyone had any luck with the fry hatching and growing on their pairs first try? +in a community tank? I could also set up a mesh divider if the eggs do well...

also any tips on WCs.. should I continue to do them or hold off a day or two.. I don't want to stress the parents