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Thread: Superb First Order

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    For months I have read all the great feedback and reviews about Kenny. I finally decided it was time to join the club. From the first time I spoke with Kenny I knew this was going to be a great experience. My order arrived today and what a fantastic group of discus. They were alert and began exploring their new tank immediately. Their coloring was excellent right out of the bag and I can't wait to watch it enhance over the coming weeks. Kenny will certainly be getting more orders from me and I highly recommend him to anyone who has often thought about ordering from him but has not done so yet. I will try and get some pics to post in a few days after I give them a little more time to settle in the tank. Thanks again Kenny.

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    Thank you again for your positive feedback I greatly appreciate it! Hope the new fish are doing great.

    Tel: (650) 290-1283
    Email: kennysdiscus@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.kennysdiscus.net/
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