I have had the privilege to just purchase four of Kenny's White Butterflies to finish out a tank specifically designed for them and added one other that was purchased prior. I have had the privilege now of purchasing seven of Kenny's Discus. (the eighth upon a pre-order prior to leaving... LOL)
These have all been beyond my expectations and I have been most pleased with the quality of the Discus. I live local, so have had the opportunity to visit Kenny and his facility. It is immaculate and he is truly the one of the most kindest person I have meet.
His Discus are fat, happy and most healthy. I'm not sure of those who may be familiar with what the term "proactive quarantine" means.(I was not). He not only quarantines the Discus but medicates them for any potential disease. You receive Discus that are most healthy, fat and voracious. (So don't be in a hurry after he posts his new stock... it takes a while). Kenny is most knowledgeable (I believe he said he started raising Discus in his teens), and takes the time to answer any questions and give his "years of experience" advice.
On this purchase, both Kenny and Forest went beyond what I would expect and I am most grateful!! Thank you again... Both of you!!
I have been a Discus enthusiast for quite some time.(since my teens). With my pre-order purchase prior to leaving his facility, I will have twenty Discus. I have not encountered the quality and pro-active care to the extent that Kenny and Forest expend for their Discus... For you.
If you are addicted, as I am, you are most guaranteed to receive one of the most top quality Discus and personal expertise, professionalism and knowledge in Kenny that I have had the privilege to encounter.
My Best to my Discus Brothers and Sisters!
Thank you again Kenny for the care you extend to your customers and the care you and Forest give these beautiful Discus!
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