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Thread: How to Wean New Discus off Meat Mix?

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    Default How to Wean New Discus off Meat Mix?

    I got a fresh bunch of 8 3" fish from Hans yesterday. I do not want to feed them beef mix as last time I did that I destroyed the entire batch due to my inability to keep up with the required water changes. This time around I want to feed them Discus Hans flakes and freeze dried blackworms. I had success with this diet with the sole survivor of my last batch from Hans, but he only started eating the flakes after two weeks in the hospital tank. Is there any strategy or art around getting them to migrate from a diet of beef mix to flakes/blackworms? Hans feeds them meat mix.

    Currently they refuse to eat either flakes or blackworms, I tried feeding them this morning. Do I just keep offering until they get hungry enough?

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    Default Re: How to Wean New Discus off Meat Mix?

    You mentioned that you received the Discus yesterday. So I guess it's normal sometimes with the new Discus, try to maintain low lighting in the tank for a few days. I'm sure they will eat the Freeze dried blackworms pretty soon. Make sure you siphon the uneaten food and good luck !

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    Default Re: How to Wean New Discus off Meat Mix?

    Read the last paragraph of this article. Works wonders with most fish.

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    Default Re: How to Wean New Discus off Meat Mix?

    Just be patient, and make sure that you only feed the single food that you want them to eat first later on the day the better at the begining. Once they are settle star offer the flakes as the first food of the day as they are hungrier.
    for ie. for my Heckels they take flakes or pellets as brunch first food, then FDBW, later seafood mix , Water Change and if they are cute live brine shrimps or frozen blood worms at night.
    Be patient, and maintain good water quality, happy discus should take anything you throw at them.
    Breeding , interest and goals Wilds Heckels and Cuipeuas and a few Domestics pairs with occasional fry as well as Angels fancy Plecos , corys and shrimps.

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