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Thread: Outplacing fish/forum restrictions?

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    Question Outplacing fish/forum restrictions?

    I don't use this forum an awful lot, but it seems to me I never see posts by people who are selling or swapping fish.

    I am withdrawing from "the hobby." No hard feelings; I had my first tank in 1951, and have had a planted 90-gallon discus tank since 1991, with several successful spawns, including one a year ago. Now both retired, my wife and I travel a lot, and I no longer enjoy twice-weekly sessions with the Python hose.

    So, I was hoping it would be OK to invite members who live near me (Wash DC burbs) to consider buying or, failing that, taking some of these beauties.

    When my livestock is gone, there will also be a 90-gallon tank and a home-made solid mahogany stand available for someone local.


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    Default Re: Outplacing fish/forum restrictions?

    There is a for sale section. It's not often members sell their stock but from what I see they usually do if they are quality.

    I also am going to be selling mine soon. Want to go in another direction

    As a spin off to this question I'm wondering how those that are selling determine price? What does the market dictate ?
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    Default Re: Outplacing fish/forum restrictions?

    Hi Mac,
    As Ryan said, it would be good to post in the forum's Marketplace Buy and Sell area.
    I've sold a few fish that I had bought over the years. (from Kenny) Maybe I had too many and needed the room, or I bought several, got the pair I wanted, and sold the couple others. I never expect to get what I paid for them, unless I've added value like grown them out or developed a pair. Just an opinion about selling prices.

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