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Thread: No more wild discus in US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishfarm View Post
    hmmm, It has been a while, but I imported wild discus for a number of years, the entire discus system is currently empty, I'm sure I could start it up again if the demand is there, I know two of my suppliers are still in business.
    I think there is still a demand for wilds...the few I see in stores from time to time are usually pretty poor looking and emaciated for the prices they are charging. I myself am not interested in the super high end specimens and rare collection points as I just do not spend that much money on individual fish. I appreciated John's (snookn21) stock as he had wilds that were actually affordable at times for me while also offering some more expensive fish to those that wanted them. I would love to just see a more consistent offering of some of the more traditional wild type browns and greens again. I am not looking for specimens with necessarily perfect barring, eye color, etc....just healthy, and the way they patterned in nature as the domestic solid color and patterned fish that are so popular do nothing for me.

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    I think there will always be a market for wilds and there will be people that sell them. Most Discus sellers whether they sell Domestics or wilds are here one year gone the next. Very few sellers survive.Its a hard industry that looks so tempting from the outside but is a royal pain most of the time. Not saying you cant survive... some sellers have figured out how to do it and do it well.

    Btw..Jimmy has access to wild..

    What I would like to see is a concerted effort by hobbyists to breed wilds and offer their fry for sale.Its an area that as a hobby we have neglected,imo. Im not talking about buying the imported "wild" crosses.Im talking about just breeding these wilds we have locally .
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