I had planned doing my water changes through the drain port of my FX6 until I realized how painfully slow that was. Now, I will do the draining through the output of the FX6. I ordered a extra Aquastop valve and need to get some tubing. Would pond tube be ok for this ? It will just slide over the Aqauastop valve and be ran inside to my watewater drain on washer when needed. I will change out about 50 gallons at a time.

As far as refilling, I am ordering a 65 Gallon container and running a spare Mag 9.5 from it to the tank for refills. I will also have a float valve in the container along with a heater and powerhead to keep the water circulated. Going to use a Avast ATO system on this to keep it top offed.

Is pond hose good long term if I'm going to keep it inside ?