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Thread: Swim bladder?

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    Default Swim bladder?

    777B60FC-1692-4A7D-A73D-596CCA7B7B9F.jpg777B60FC-1692-4A7D-A73D-596CCA7B7B9F.jpg40CF8E2C-DE7A-4028-B093-5629D9790640.jpgSo I have a jumbo discus always been very healthy. Thought he and other discus were coming down with hex or worms. I treated with metro and they improved except for this large one. He appears to have swim bladder. The confusing part is he will be upright and swim normally then it seems all of a sudden he retreats to the back and sits there pointing downward. Seems to be at night. In the morning he might still be there but when I feed he comes out and swims normally and hangs out for a few hours. Or sometimes he’s out normally when I come home from work or in the morning. I don’t see anything else wrong. Stomach looks normal. It’s a 125 gallon with 7 discus. Water paremeters are where they should be. Is it swim bladder
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