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Thread: Whole House Water CONDITIONER not Softener

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    Default Whole House Water CONDITIONER not Softener

    Hi Everyone

    I have a question regarding water conditioners.

    I have a high iron content in my well water and need a way to reduce/remove it so i can carry out water changes etc.

    I was looking at using a whole house water Softener for my water changes and after reading up on it found that it is not a good idea due to the increased salt levels etc.

    I then came across Salt Free water conditioners and from what i can read it looks like they will provide water which will remove Iron and Magnesium which i can then use in my aquariums.

    Does anyone have experience using one of these for water changes ?

    Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: Whole House Water CONDITIONER not Softener

    No experience but my understanding is that salt free water conditioners alter the morphology of the crystals that form in your hard water so instead of sticking to your appliances to form scale they form discrete crystals that are easy to wash away. Do you have a link? It is difficult to remove ions from water unless you use RO or switch it out with a different ion i.e. a water softener.

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