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Thread: First order of Discus in 18 years from Kenny

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    Default First order of Discus in 18 years from Kenny

    All I can say is that Kenny is an amazing businessman and purveyor of amazing discus. He is absolutely brilliant to work with! From Preorder (I was watching as for when he started to upload his monthly selection so I could be first to order) to acclimation. I never feel embarrassed to ask any question and Kenny treated my lack of knowledge like a seasoned professional. He is a fountain of information and he truly cares about the hobbyist receiving an amazing selection of fish. I would say that it may even be his top priority. I think that is why so many people have amazing things to say about the man, the way he conducts himself and the quality of the fish he distributes.

    There is nothing more that I could have expected (he surprised me on so many occasions) and absolutely nothing more I could have asked for in my dealing with Kenny. This was such an awesome and stress free process and he even tried to help take the stress out of acclimation and post delivery. I was properly amazed at how Kenny conducts his business and I would buy from him again without hesitation. I hope you will consider it as well.

    Thanks Kenny!

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    Default Re: First order of Discus in 18 years from Kenny

    Kenny is GREAT !! Where are the pics ?

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