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Thread: Back ordered on Cubed FDBW w/spinach

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    Default Back ordered on Cubed FDBW w/spinach

    Was gonna purchase some more fdbw today when I noticed everything was either out of stock or on back order. Just wondering if you knew when your next shipment is coming in. Was hoping to get 50 or 100grams this time cause my fish love them so much. Been getting just 10 gram bags when I can but this last time you really hooked it up and idk if it was intentional but I noticed and 100% thank you for it and if it was an attempt to win me over to buy more the next time around.. it worked tremendously lol. Anyway thanks for making my fish happy Al, just eager to get more food from you is all

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    Default Re: Back ordered on Cubed FDBW w/spinach

    You are very welcome! I'm glad your fish enjoyed the food. My stock levels can fluctuate depending on demand and the farms output. I have some customers that feed this exclusively and really go through it.I always have more stock coming in though. Currently I have plenty of my biopigment plus cubes as well as my pigmented loose and original loose. The spinach combo and original cubes are out of stock temporarily as the farm got backed up. I should have stock in latter this week/ early next week on those. My shopping cart is set up to allow most items to be ordered if they are out of stock/back ordered (except 10 gram bags). I then will ship as soon as it arrives.

    Thanks again, and I do apologize here for the delay..Unfortunately sometimes the demand just out strips the farms production. It takes some time to catch up.

    best always,
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