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Thread: Dave's Bird Photos for Sharing

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    Default Re: Dave's Bird Photos for Sharing

    I checked out the processing software on my laptop and it's Windows 10, it's not bad.

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    Default Re: Dave's Bird Photos for Sharing

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Cal View Post
    Nice Al, it's pretty amazing what you can do digitally. I'll have to spend some time post processing some of my other shots.

    I appreciate the help.

    Glad to help! Theres a few of us here that can help you out with any questions or problem.Don't be afraid to ask. Also theres a bunch of threads we have posted in the photo center on editting and post processing. Most of the photo nuts here use photoshop/lightroom..Being a linux user I use gimp and dark table both of which are open source and free to use. Unfortunately, Dark table isnt availible for pc/mac but Gimp is and its incredibly powerful as an image editor. Id suggest you download a copy and try it out. Theres a ton of tutorials on you tube.

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