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Thread: Image posting issues.... Please read

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    Default Image posting issues.... Please read

    Hello all,
    We have experienced a few image posting issues the last week where images are posted and the disappear.Its not wide spread, but its annoying to say the least. I have been working with out server support to identify the issue and its going to take some time. Its not something that has a glaring cause. It may even be a problem with the forum software itself, though I am skeptical there apparently there are reports of it on other forums. It may even be a combination of problems.

    What we need is to document it, so if anyone notices any attachments not visible in threads from the last several months, please post a link here so I can have a look. From what I can tell, if your image does disappear its not a problem with your account, you will be able to post pics again normally.

    I really hate when things like the happen, but thats technology for you . I will try and figure it out as quickly as possible.

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    Default Re: Image posting issues.... Please read

    Hi Al,
    I think some of the pics in the photo contest thread have been affected.

    OK, maybe not. I see there is both the attachment and the pic for most. Just took my computer time to load.

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