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    Re: My white discus died
    1. Please explain the problems with your fish. When did you notice the problems and did anything unusual happen that you think started them?

    -my white discus was doing well,was eating n swimming well...have seen him vibrating like an electric beam have passed through him/ morning fed my fishes... He died within 3-4 hrs after that.

    2. Symptoms (i.e. turning dark, excess slime, not eating, clamped fins, flashing, darting, clamped gills, white/yellow/green poop, hiding, headstanding or tailstanding, white on tips of fins, rotting or fungus, blisters/white zits on fish, bloated, cloudy eyes, wounds).

    -this discus had no signs as mentioned above. was fresh white i said3-4 days ago it was vibrating as an electricity has passed through .was lying on the bottom of the tank with fully open fins and didnt respond even after touching him

    3. What medications/ treatments have you already tried and what were the results. Include dosage and duration of treatment.

    -2 other discus got fungal patches.. So added all in one treatment liquid in the tank... Later moved those two to the hospital tank n treated with teramycin capsule and changed water in the tank where all discus have been kept

    Tank/Water clean

    4. Tank size and ages, numbers and sizes of fish.

    Total 20 fishes 1 down
    2-5.5 inches(juveniles and adults

    5. Water change regime (What percentage and how often).
    -20-50% once a day

    6. How long has tank been running? Is it bare bottom? If you have substrate, what type and how deep is it?

    -Tank has been running since 4 months
    Bare bottom
    Plastic plants

    7. Do you age your water? If you do for how long and what is the ph swing.

    -No... The water we use for aquarium is from the stored water tank on the terrace

    8. Parameters and water source;

    Note: Water Parameters are important in diagnosing problems within a tank. If you don't own test kits for the following information, you can purchase them, test your parameters and post this info as soon as possible.

    - temp ____28-30c_

    - ph _____7

    - ammonia reading ____dont know

    - nitrite reading ____dont know

    - nitrate reading ____dont know

    What type of water or combinations of water sources do you use? If it is an RO/tap/well water mix, please list percentages in the mix.

    - well water ____

    - municipal water ____yes

    - RO water ____

    9. Any new fish, plants or inverts added recently.
    -A white discus which died was added 2 weeks ago

    10. Please tell us what you feed your fish and how often. This can be critical information for solving the problem so be as specific as you can.

    -Tetra bites (3-4 times a day)
    Australian black worms 2 cubes once a day

    11. Include any pictures or videos you have which shows the symptoms. If you can't add them to this post, please provide a link to them.
    Dont have any
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    Default Re: Answers to questionaries

    Sorry for your loss Dipali.
    I see a number of issues...
    First that you added the white Discus without proper quarantine period.
    Not knowing your tank water perimeters leaves you with unknow answers which may have contributed to your fish loss.
    I would check your heater condition as you mentioned possible electrical shock.
    You say tank has been running for 4 months? Did it contain the 19 other discus from the start or have you gradually added discus throughout the 4 month period.
    Storage tank outside? is it food safe and does it get direct sunlight which may leach toxins into the water your putting into your aquarium.

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    Default Re: Answers to questionaries

    There is no heater as i stay in india.. I dont need it in summer n rainy season.. But all othe electric things r working good otherwise all discus would have died.
    Yeah there might be a problem with quarantine period... I didnt go for deworming n just kept there polythenes in the tank water to adjust temperature variations...
    Food is verified so i dont think food is a problem.
    I have ph detecting stips thats it. What Should i buy
    To detect nitrates n nitrites, urea?

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    Default Re: Answers to questionaries

    Have a look on, they have api, sera and prodac test kits as well as tds meters and a range of other useful tests/items. Without knowing your water parameters you’re just guessing what’s going on

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