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Thread: My shaking discus

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    Default My shaking discus

    I had added two 5.5" discus 2.5 weeks ago... Thery werent eating anything alse except tetra bites... And they were unhealthy when they were at the aquarium shop cause after adding them to my tank within 1 week they suffered from fungal infection. Treated them with teramycin... Now they are happy and fine,Eat everything and their appetites have also increased.
    Now a days one of them has started shaking, swinging lying om a side touching the base of the tank and again normal.
    Is that a symptom of disease or mating is soon going to happen?

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    Default Re: My shaking discus

    Hi Dipali
    New discus needs time to adjust. They might not start eating from day 1 so have patience. Shaking can be because of some water irritation. Do they start shaking after water change? Is there any swing in water temp and PH after WC.
    Check for ammonia, nitrates and nitrites and water temp

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