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Thread: Drilled Tank / Water Changes ?

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    Default Drilled Tank / Water Changes ?

    Hi all,

    After a long Hiatus to the hobby, I am now ready to jump back in. As Im preparing my setup, I am trying to create an easy environment that will allow easy maintenance for my tank. I had a brand new 110 setup in storage which I plan to use for my discus. One HUGE requirement is to make a "silent" tank. Therefore I have opted to go with a canister filter vs a wet dry. The tank I am using is a drilled tank with a corner overflow. I am trying to figure out if I can use the overflows for water changes/draining rather than capping the holes. Has anyone had any experience is doing so? Ideas are greatly welcomed!. Thanks all!!

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    Default Re: Drilled Tank / Water Changes ?

    Can you post a photo of the tank, particularly of the overflow to see if it is feasable? My 100 gal tank sits where my bedside table used to be so quiet operation is a must. I actually have drilled holes in the wall so the canister filter and air pump are housed in the next room, where I also have 3way taps on the hoses (one to scavenge the tank water to the veggie plot and one from the pump in the ageing tank) to allow daily water changes to be as easy as possible. Although my tank is also drilled (towards the top like for an H2Overflow) in order for this system to work I sealed the hole and just use the standard in-tank fittings that come with the canister filter. As my fish are rapidly growing juvies I throw a lot of food in the tank, wanting to avoid a lot of it clogging up the canister and fouling the water I fitted a large sponge filter to the intake in the tank, I rinse it daily during water changes. Are you going to get young fish to grow out or ready grown ones? It pays to plan ahead to make tank maintenance as pain free as possible

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