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Thread: Shy Discus

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    Lightbulb Shy Discus

    Hey guys,

    this forums has been a great help, my discus are doing great. I have 6 of them. They are slowly out growing my 150 Liter so i moved them into a 400 liter tank.

    It is fairly heavily scaped with a lot of plants and a good amount of open space for them to swim around.

    However, its been about 3 weeks and they are still very shy, hiding most of the time when anyone in the house is around. Even when i am feeding, they wait till i leave before going after the food. Did i upset them by moving them into a bigger tank?? they weren't like that in the 150 Liter. They were very friendly to the point that i could hand feed them.

    Any advice? i miss spending time with them T.T


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    Default Re: Shy Discus

    Hi Blackhawk, fill out the disease questionnaire http://forum.simplydiscus.com/showth...lease-complete and post it here. Really need more information. Can you also post pics of the tank?
    Your discus are talking to you....are you listening

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