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Thread: Black Bush Algae

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    3% H2O2 in my experience is not very effective when diluted in the tank, works ok poured on neat (at WC or if you can lift plants or equipment out) but can burn plants, even Anubia, if left on more than 3-5 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by LizStreithorst View Post
    Thanks for letting me know, Matt. Is the same thing true if I use the Seachem stuff? If so I can move the BN. I'm only going to do one tank at a time.

    I also have a few plants in pots. Will the treatment hurt them? I don't figure that it will, but I want to know sooner rather than find out later that if this will kill them along with the black beard algae.
    The treatment shouldn't hurt the plants, if anything it should help them! On WC days use the recommended quantity for the whole tank to spot treat the worst areas. If you do daily WC's then you are good to go, otherwise on non-WC days I would just dose according to the Flourish Excel recommendations.

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