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Thread: New discus keeper needing help

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    Default Re: New discus keeper needing help

    Quote Originally Posted by brewmaster15 View Post
    Adult discus tend to be hardier then young ones.And if they are grown you have less impact from aggressively feeding angels.

    Ok i understand now, maybe i will let them grow then try adding angels.

    Quote Originally Posted by daffers1986 View Post
    If Iím growing discus they are the only thing in the tank other than water. No filter taking up any space, nothing to hide behind to cause issues with shyness, no other fish to compete for food or introduce disease. Nothing.

    Once adult, thereís no big deal with them missing out on a feed here and there because they havenít competed for the food. But I personally wouldnít ever put Angels with discus for the reasons Iíve mentioned but if I did it would probably be juvie angels with adult discus but would still expect the angels to try and run the tank once bigger/older.
    Yeah i can also see that happening as angels are pretty aggresive when feeding time comes. Doesnt seem to be as easy as i thought It would be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Filip View Post
    Topdog , aged water is tapwater that is left with an aeration for 24 hours prior using it for water change . Gasses in water that may cause irritations to discus are outgassed that way and the PH differences is equalized (more or less )with your tank water preventing pH shocks during WCs.
    I'm not sure if your filter is fully cycled yet , and I would increase the aged water WC in this initial stage just as a precaution IIWY.
    That would be alot of extra work to age 300litres of water every other day for water changes :-/

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    Default Re: New discus keeper needing help

    In most cases doing +50% WCs with straight tap water may stress discus and strip their slimecoat during a WC (more or less depending on tap parameters and present gasses ) .
    Maybe you should consider doing more frequent but smaller WCs if you do straight tap WC .

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