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Thread: Upsize filter or wavemaker

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    Default Upsize filter or wavemaker

    Hi All

    Need some advice from the experts please.
    Current setup:
    450 liter tank
    Ehiem 2217
    Eheim pro4 600
    UVís hooked up to each filter
    Sand substrate
    Driftwood with low light plants no CO2
    Stocked with discus, neons etc

    I think my canisters provide enough flow etc but I still have some crap that builds up on one side.
    All my intakes and outflows are on one end of the tank to help with the water flow.
    The crap that builds up is on the end closet to the intakes.
    I am thinking I need a bit more flow to push that stuff to the intakes.
    I was thinking of either replacing the 2217 with a 2080 1200 thermo or keep the 2217 and add a maxspect gyre 230 to the same end as the outflows to provide more flow along the tank.
    This would be the cheaper option of the 2 but would getting the bigger 2080 filter provide that extra flow and be better in the long run for the discus?

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    Default Re: Upsize filter or wavemaker

    Something like a Sunsun or Koralia wavemaker would be quite a bit cheaper than a Gyre. If the waste gathers in a small area, it won't take much flow to lift it.

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    Default Re: Upsize filter or wavemaker

    I have a SunSun JVP 110 wavemaker in my 400 liter tank, costs less than $10, uses very little electricity and the fish seem ok with it (and actually appear worse off without it). In all fairness I do not use it to push detritus towards the filter intake (would not be much use anyway, got a big sponge on it as a prefilter). It does though pile it up mostly in one spot making it quick to remove (and much less hassle than cleaning it out from the canister)

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