Hi All,
How to Breed Discus is a Question that have. This is a Video that I made about the Steps and things that I have done and also learnt from my experienced friends Mr. Al Castro ( From California, USA) , Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Vinay to get success with Breeding Discus.

It is a long video which starts of with how to get a breeding pair or how to know if 2 fishes have paired up in your community tank.

The Tank setup and size

How to make a simple breeding cone

Water Parameters during breeding

The Breeding process and things to do after they lay the eggs.

Things to do after the eggs hatch

What to feed the newly born fries

When is the Ideal time to separate the babies from the parents.

Please do watch my Video by clicking the link below and please let me know what you think.


Looking forward to your valuable feedback.

Bangalore, India