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The short answer is yes, but the short isn't nearly adequate. A single tank of O2 the size of what we had at the show normally would have been enough to bag 1000s of fish. There were only a few dozen bagged at the show The tank sat tucked in a corner by the registration desk for several days and was completely full Sunday. I know this first hand as Larry Bugg and I were the first to use it that morning bagging my 6 fish. What the heck happened after that I could only theorize, but whatever it was was really a freak occurrence.

The NADA BODs is made up of people pretty much just like you. We love discus and hate to see the premature death of any of them. We bust our backsides to put together this discus keepers family reunion every two years in part to further educate people on how to keep their discus healthier. Aside from the owners of the deceased fish, no one feels worse about what happened to them than we do. This doesn't change what happened, but I hope it illustrates it was a completely unforeseeable event. We'll likely have a backup tank in the future, but we sure shouldn't ever have to use one.

Thank You for sharing that. What an awful accident. I have no doubt everyone involved felt horrible that this happened. As someone who’s yet to attend but would like to in the future, I’m glad that a back up tank will be used from now on.
I have one huge PB I’d like to show but I also only have 5 Discus that I’ve raised from fry so I’m very nervous about the logistics of getting it to the show AND keeping her healthy. It’s a rather scary prospect for a Noob.
I’ve never shipped fish and never showed any. It’s losing her that makes me hesitant but it sure would be great to show her off after years of hard work. Anyhow, I’m just thinking out loud but Thanks for reassuring me and others that this was just a fluke.