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Thread: Aged water and filtration question

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    Default Aged water and filtration question

    I currently heat and run a air stone in my 35 gallon water aged water barrel. Should I have a intank filter as well? And if so, should I run carbon in it, or just a sponge?

    Next question:
    Is a 30 gallon water change, a large enough water change on a 75 gallon tank, 3 times a week?

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    Default Re: Aged water and filtration question

    No need for any filtration in your aging tank but just water agitation .

    WC schedule is higly dependant of the bioload (how many fish or better yet weight of fish per liter + how much and what do you feed + filtration methods ).
    30 gall. On a 75g tank , 3 times a week should do the trick if you are moderately stocked .
    You can also mix a couple of unaged gallons of tap water along with your aged water if you feel you need to do a bigger WC . Adding 20-30 gallons tap along with your aged 30 gallons shouldn't hurt discus in anyway.

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