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I introduced cherry shrimp a few years ago hoping that they would reproduce yet also become convenient snacks for my discus. As it turns out, my discus are either lazy or pansies because not only will they not eat the cherry shrimp, but after putting 12 cherry shrimp in my 150 gallon tank several years ago I now have to net out as many as I can during every water change. I tried to give them away but most of the time end up just flushing them down the toilet. I swear Murphy's Law does not like me! I don't know anyone else who has this problem with their discus not eating cherry shrimp. Usually people are afraid that cherry shrimp will not make it long enough before discus eat them.
this cracked me up!!
also made me jealous. don't know if those shrimp are expensive everywhere but in my area they are pretty pricey so I would gladly take them off your hands if you lived nearbuy!!
cant wait to give this a try, I think the experience will be very fun! and if my fish turn out to be pansys like yours, I could definitly find some buyers for any extra shrimp.