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Thread: Starting with baby discus

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    Default Starting with baby discus

    Hey guys,

    Iím looking for some opinions on feeding 15 baby discus in a 600l bare bottom aquarium. I would like to do 2 feeds of pellets or flake for speed and ease, and two feeds of maybe stenkers beef heart mix or maybe my own mix but open to suggestions! Fish arriving beginning of next month October.

    What are peopleís thoughts on this ???
    How do babies take to pellet / flake food ??


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    Default Re: Starting with baby discus

    Hi Mick, if you are getting small juvies the more often you feed the better, every 3 hours would probably be a good place to start. I would advise against flakes (difficult to find ones with quality ingredients, also they are better suited to surface feeders). You can find top quality granules such as New Life Spectrum or North Fin. Home made beef heart mixes tend to be very messy so at least to start get either Stendker or Chen's Ditone mix. I use mostly (wild Alaska) salmon fillets, grated from frozen over a sieve and rinse under tapwater. When the fish were small (2 1/2 - 3") I used a grater like those to zest, later the size for shredding veggies. So far it has worked well, the shreds do not desolve so it is easy to hoover out any residue. Feeding a varied diet is better in theory but you will find that the little toerags develope a taste and will tend to leave the food they find less palatable, short of feeding it to them when they are really hungry. Also the feeding schedule will be dictated by when you are actually home to feed them, if you are going to try an automatic feeder etc

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