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Thread: New food and Ro water

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    Default New food and Ro water

    i have 8(L)x2(H)x1.5(D) ft aquarium. currently i have 2 big sponge filter and 3 top filer and a heater. i used a drum which are tap water and their a sponge filter and heater, my tap water PH about 10. GH and KH not known. i have about 16 discus and 8 danisoni. i gave him blood worm and discus bio gold. my discus are happy. Now i make home made food with Goat meet ,(becouse beaf meat not allowed ) shrimp, Spinach and other ingredient. can you tell if i give this daily once, is it mandatory for change water daily. it is impossible for me to change huge water daily , i used to change 50% water twice a week . can anyone guide me? and i gradually convert to ro system . is i put 100% ro to aquarium or mix with tap water and how percentage ? IMG20180905232029.jpg

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    Hi there, if the fish are ok even in that very hard water the temptation would be just to use your tapwater as is , just aged. As you have got yourself an R/O filter though you might as well use it. To increase the efficiency of the filter good pressure from the water mains is important, if it not high enough you can get a booster pump. Also does your R/O filter have a back-flush to clean the membrane every few uses? It will increase the long term efficiency and durability. I would probably start mixing the r/o water with tapwater about 50/50 in the ageing bin to start and see where that gets you

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