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Thread: My homemade food recipe

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    Default My homemade food recipe

    I Make my own mix and the Discus love it.

    Handful of Spirulina
    750g of lean beefheart
    handful of peas
    I spoonful of paprika
    crushed garlic

    Blend together to make a paste. I then add two packs of veggi gelatine to the mix following the instructions on the packet. This makes a thiner paste, I then add this to food container roughly makes one litre of food. Put it in the fridge until the following day, this should set the mix like Jelly, then cut into cubes around 1x1 inch Stays together in the tank and doesn't create such a big mess, I usually cut cubes into smaller pieces then feed. Fish have brilliant reds and blue colouring and growing fast feeding this 3 times a day.

    * This is just a suggestion nothing more as others may make their own food differently *

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    Default Re: My homemade food recipe

    Hi Marc,
    Welcome to SimplyDiscus!

    I moved your post to its own thread as it didnt quite fit with the medicated flakes one.

    We'd love to hear more about you and your discus so if you get a chance introduce yourself here..

    I used to make a mix similar to yours but left out the carrots and added some seafood and crushed vitamins. Good solid food...Eventually I dropped the gelatin and used shrimp as a binder and grinded it all together. My wife said the fish ate better than we did!

    Anyhow.. welcome again. Hope you enjoy the community here.
    Al Freeze Dried BlackWorms and other foods your Discus will Love!!!

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