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    I have just been thinking a lot lately with all the maintenance and stuff I do for my discus it seems like all I do in maintenance and really enjoy doing it lol . It seems like I donít really get to enjoy the fish to much . I find the build of the tank and stand and what not is really enjoying for me seeing it take shape and your plan come together is really enjoying for me once itís done I seem to always be finding somthing else to make for it or all be building something else lol just wondering if other ppl are the same way ? I just love the discus hobbie so much and now am just in the building process of my first planted tank

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    I guess that you are talking about the syndrome of neverending chase of the goal in the hobby . You can never reach that final goal, be completely satisfied and lay back to enjoy because there is always something new and unachieved that is eating you inside . I think that we all have that same bug to some extent .
    At the end you begin to realise that the pleasure in this hobby is not about reaching the desired goal , but enjoying the neverending pursuit to it .At least , that's what I ve concluded after many years of new goals and new projects that I set for my self .

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